My dress made of recyclable materials, give me a vote?

Hi, sorry to bother you but I’ve been working for months on this dress made of 1c coins, copper wire & money-bags twisted into bows.

Me/my friend washed all the coins in coke and scrubbed them with a toothbrush, and there’s over 1.5k of them on the dress (!), we stripped old electrical wires for copper wire and we’ve made thousands of money bag’s into bows (literally).

My friend is modeling it next month in the O2 arena (aka where I saw Taylor Swift perform like dayum) and we need all your votes to give us a better chance of winning something.

If you could just log on to facebook, and vote for my dress “Unbroken” (on page two) here, by clicking the heart above it it would mean the world to me.

Today, April 25th at midnight, is the last time you can vote so please please please give us a vote!

P.S. I am blogging over at now.


Tthe voting page


The headpiece up close woo


here’s an old pic of us starting off the money-bag train (there’s more layers on it now :))

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